About the project

The Rockhampton Museum of Art (RMoA) is a vibrant new cultural hub and active community space within the Rockhampton CBD.

Situated on Quay Street, RMoA seeks to enhance the setting of Rockhampton’s historic Customs House while providing a new contemporary tropical building that responds to the climate and riverfront setting. The final design has resulted from a strong collaboration between Conrad Gargett, Clare Design (Design Lead) and Brian Hooper Architect. RMoA was conceived as a serviceable, flexible frame for art, with the building being more about the life that it creates than the object itself. Grounded by a strong connection to Country, the building incorporates the use of local sandstone formed 180 million years ago, while also acknowledging the site’s colonial history and the craftsmanship of Customs House. The slender columned colonnade is a modern counterpart to the more symbolic and monumental veranda of the Customs House.