About the project

As part of the Year 7 “Flying Start” program implemented by the Department of Education, Training and Employment, Conrad Gargett was engaged to design a multi storey learning facility.

Designed over three levels, the high density building features a range of learning spaces from flexible general learning areas, outdoor learning areas and collaborative learning areas.

The binary wall idea is a pattern created to subtly flag an announcement to the street whilst relieving the tension brought about via a large solid form facing west towards a Highway. The wall is a cost effective, artistic, inspiring, character enabling, durable and low maintenance structure (all words from the brief) which both describes the story of development in education through the use of computers. The wall reads, Miami State High School, Learning through a team effort, Semper Floreat.

Art and the beach are celebrated at the school through a number of murals on walls. For the exterior of the building our idea was to expand the mural concept with bricks. The wave was selected because it reflects more than just location. For students, the clever brickart image holds deeper meaning. Surfing a tube requires a good start. Stay calm and composed in the middle, before ending the journey in one piece albeit a changed and inspired person. The tube is a metaphor in our need to focus on the task at hand from start to finish and achieve the best outcome for you.