About the project

The internationally acclaimed $1.5 billion Queensland Children’s Hospital is considered by the Academy of Design and Health to be a world leader in healthcare design. Conceived by Conrad Gargett, in joint venture with Lyons, the design is thoughtful, captivating and pragmatic, with every design element supporting the human experience.

Public spaces respond to surrounding community landmarks throughout Brisbane, while the interior of the Hospital is open to fresh air and abundant daylight. The circulation galleries and atria transform the inside of the building into a thriving centre of activity and create a healing environment, de-stressing both staff and patients.

Brisbane’s subtropical climate provides a reference point for the environmental approach taken in the design. This is expressed externally by extensive sun shading, and internally by the tree with a “trunk” (vertical linkages) and “branches” (horizontal linkages), which allow the building to breathe. These linkages nurture a rich community environment, moving beyond silo departments and uniting diverse cultures. To date, the design of the Hospital has been awarded with five international design awards.