About the project

The acclaimed $1.5 billion Queensland Children’s Hospital landscape project is considered by the Academy of Design and Health to be a world leader in healthcare design. The landscape design and integration of gardens and green spaces are hallmarks of the internationally awarded design.

The nature-oriented design approach to the public and outdoor space is derived from the Hospital’s subtropical context, and draws on emergent evidence-based findings about the therapeutic and sustainability properties of integrated gardens.

The spaces appeal to all senses and respond to the needs of patients, their families as well as hospital staff, reducing stress and anxiety, and affording a place for rehabilitation, retreat and contemplation.

The natural environment is expressed in innovative ways. A plaza and over scaled grass mound invites exploration. Green monoliths replace trees on roof gardens.

Epiphyte columns and tropical plants create a ‘Jungle Garden’. A secret garden provides views over the city. An adventure garden supports events and exercise programs. A relaxation garden is provided for staff.