About the project

Kinauld house is a significant state heritage listed residence sited on the ridge of Dornoch Tce. The house was built in 1888 and was later converted into flats where it fell into disrepair. Our client purchased the house in 1986 and returned back to a single dwelling.

To increase the amenity of the house for modern living, a new pavilion structure was constructed off the north-west side of the house which accommodates an outdoor living room at the lower level and a bedroom, dressing room and ensuite at the upper level.

The new addition seeks to be of exceptional design as a modern pavilion appropriate for subtropical living while respecting the setting of the heritage house and steep Brisbane site with established landscape. The extension provides modern amenity while respecting the existing house. Such additions and investment enhance the viable ongoing use of Kinauld house as a family residence, it’s original use.