About the project

The Hverfjall Volcano Museum acknowledges that few landscapes have been so deeply known. And fewer still have been so lightly inhabited. 

Iceland is a place like no other. It is a harsh place. It's beauty is deceiving. Stray from your path and you may lose yourself. This place is alive, it is always moving, always changing. This is a special place. It is difficult to curate the right response to such a place. In Iceland the landscape is the Architecture, it is the focal of all things. As such any man made intervention must descend from the fore. It was in this realisation that Conrad Gargett decided that the proposal should descend from the ground, disappearing below.

The result is a dialogue of folly and landscape. Monolithic forms puncture the landscape to create a sharp contrast and distinct markers, but you don't know what it is you are seeing. You arrive and approach, smoke rises from the landscape in front of you. Two blade walls rise to meet you marking entry. You descend through the museum.

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