About the project

Targeting a new benchmark in early learning and childhood education, Habitat Early Learning centre aimed high. They knew there was a space for an early learning brand to be the first in the market to design and exemplify an holistic approach to education.

This three level centre boasts leading edge security access (finger print, no diving for a swipe card while wrangling kids), site secure basement parking, emergent learning, Montessori learning programs, a full commercial kitchen, landscaped play areas with water features and native gardens, admin and teaching research spaces, parents rooms, hot desking and an industry leading health care offering. A strong focus was on attracting the world’s best teachers and educators to ensure the best learning outcomes for the students, and to do this meant prioritising the staff needs – right down to the detail of a curated staff arrival experience.

Perched on the uppermost level of the centre, the multipurpose room perfectly captures sweeping views from the Brisbane Airport to the City and offers the flexibility for kids yoga, parent learning and education nights, private functions, and even features a professional recording studio. Music and culture take the focus, with the intention for the centre to start a tradition of recording a yearly Christmas album sung by the children of the centre. The brief for the built space was to engage with the offerings of the centre and enable an ‘anything is possible’ disposition.

The layout is pushed and pulled to create nooks for the curious explorers of the space and visual connection through the levels. The spatial curation opens and closes to encourage flow and pausation. All the finishes in the centre are carefully selected for tactility and to embody the values of the brand, contributing to the fostering of habitat as place. This centre elevates the standard in early learning, ensuring the best start in a child's learning life.