About the project

Gold Coast University Hospital Car Park West is sited north-west of the main hospital complex and is directly opposite the Ward Block West (WBW).

Car park West consists of twin car park structures (1,800 spaces), orientated with their long axes running eastwest. The design for the hospital carpark sets a backdrop for the public interface of WBW by creating similar stratification in horizontal planes of ground, main car park texture and floating roof plane.

The façades are articulated vertically into proportioned sections to manage the scale of the building. The immediate address of the car park to the hospital’s WBW is controlled by weaving commercial activity zones into the façade. This ensures there is minimal ‘light spill’ from the car park into the view lines of patients, but also controls the address to the internal hospital road. Commercial façades complement the extruded ‘box’
language of the hospital’s clinical support buildings.