About the project

Emerging dance, drama and visual art departments at Forest Lake State High School called for investment by the Department of Education Queensland to facilitate the progression of these developing arts faculties. This project will provide a new performing arts centre to support the school’s arts syllabus as well as addressing the schools aspirations to offer a theatre facility for public and community use.

The new building is located on a prominent site at the entrance of the school, calling for a strong architectural form to welcome students, staff and the public. The centre offers a 340-seat theatre which can be transformed into four separate learning areas for both dance and drama classes. Located on the upper level is a suite of recording, editing and multi-media classrooms, overlooking a foyer that doubles as a gallery space for the display of visual art.

The surrounding existing campus buildings have informed the materiality and experience of the building. The base of the building has been designed as an organic brick plinth that can be occupied to facilitate the daily pick up and drop off routine. This base is covered by bold roof forms to contain the artistic programme inside and provide shade while full height tinted glazing offers both transparency and security to the gallery space as patrons promenade to the theatre. This layered edge complimenting the interior theme, of a forest floor with emergency canopy layer overhead.