About the project

Located in the heart of Brisbane’s Golden Triangle with unobstructed views up and down the river is the Riverside Centre. Riverside Centre has become the new home for the Energy Super workplace. The selection of this location allows them to showcase their status within the industry.

Conrad Gargett worked with the unique triangular footprint and created social zones at each corner to purposely encourage chance encounters at junctions. We positioned the front of house areas to optimise the aspects; upon entry, clients are greeted with views of the bridge and river. The entire welcome area has been designed to be fully openable, through to café style kitchen, to allow for large functions.

The brief was to create a welcoming environment for all their blue collar clientele – ‘A place where our clients, who have spent their lives working in mines, can feel at home and welcome’. The result is a carefully considered functional space warmly welcoming all visitors and staff alike for the Energy Super workplace.