About the project

This huge infrastructure project was the first road tunnel project in Brisbane and included tunnelling under the Brisbane River between Woolloongabba and Bowen Hills.  There was considerable concern about the construction process and Conrad Gargett worked with a team of sub-consultants to provide heritage advice and achieve heritage approvals for the project, with good heritage outcomes.

Works involved:

  • Heritage approvals for each of the heritage places, potentially impacted by the new infrastructure project including potential impacts on - Streetscapes, Commercial buildings, Churches, Residential Buildings, Halls, Bus Shelters, Mature Trees, Fences, Parks, Showground Facilities, Parks, Roadside curbing, Heritage Drains and Culverts.
  • Strategic Heritage Advice up to and including the construction phase with heritage services including approvals and approval conditions met as the infrastructure works moved forward. A progressive rollout of approvals was obtained with timing critical to the construction rollout while ensuring good heritage outcomes.
  • Condition/Dilapidation Reports for heritage assets
  • Conservation and Cultural Heritage Management Plans for Heritage Assets, Landscape and Archaeology
  • Exemption Certificates
  • Heritage Impact Reports
  • EPA (DES) approvals and process
  • Co-ordination and Liaising with Vibrations Engineer/settlement/structural engineers and Infrastructure and Tunnel’s Design Team
  • Mitigation Measures relating to heritage impacts including monitoring and protocols
  • Full Measured and Photographic Archival Recording of Heritage Assets/streetscapes agreed for demolition
  • Full Measured and Photographic Archival Recording of Heritage Assets agreed for demolition
  • Measured Drawings of some Heritage Assets
  • Design and documentation of new retaining walls and new entrance ways with heritage constraints
  • Interpretation advice
  • Relocation and Conservation of Heritage assets approved for removal and relocation within the corridor route
  • Co-ordination and Negotiations with heritage authorities including DES and BCC, stakeholders and clients
  • Reporting on Landscape / heritage issues relating to mature trees (which were part of the heritage listed sites within the zone of influence