About the project

Aquila is a unique boutique residential development completed by Plazibat + Jemmott consisting of 12 individual apartments with each apartment occupying an entire floor. Two buildings have been established on the site, one being 10 storeys in height and the other being 3 storeys.

The storey building addresses the Brisbane River to the south, whilst the 3 storey building engages with Moray Street and the suburb of New Farm. The positions on the 2 buildings creates a green heart to the site where recreational activities take place encompassing a common pool and gymnasium. The 10 storey building is slender in nature and separated in plan form via a linear gallery space. The 3 storey building is more compact and twists towards the view of the Storey Bridge and the City beyond.

Highly articulated facades with elements of layered screens, sun hoods and blinds contribute to a play of light and shade during the day as well as responding to environmental factors. The resulting outcome is a building with a highly urban character which contributes to the quality of residential buildings within the Moray Street precinct.