Urbanisation in the Asia Pacific

As Australia and the surrounding Asia Pacific region becomes more urbanised and density increases; a bold step toward infrastructure built on community requirements and amenity is needed.

According to the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, 40 per cent of Australia’s population lives in just two cities – Sydney and Melbourne. The current conversation’s surrounding urbanisation need to transform, shift focus and unite. The discussion has to become more proactive towards the potential future city demands and less reactive to the current problems.

The infrastructure reply to urbanisation, requires design leadership from architects and planners. This approach has the potential to create the links to community and amenity currently missing.

Collectively engineers, architects and planners need to engage and design an outcome which can better address the needs of a city of the future. One example Conrad Gargett Ancher Mortlock Woolley is doing this is on the new ferry terminals in Sydney where landside connections form a critical part of the design.