Leaders in education facility design

Education facility design is a key area of expertise for Conrad Gargett. Their experience has ranged from master planning entire campuses to the design, refurbishment and delivery of learning facilities across all levels of education.

Conrad Gargett’s projects reflect an understanding of the diverse roles current education facilities must fulfil together. They place a focus on facilitating evolving learning methods and providing flexibility for future requirements.

Conrad Gargett’s capability is emphasised by their ongoing collaboration with ACU. Since the completion of ACU’s master plan in 2000, Conrad Gargett has been engaged to provide ongoing master planning and architectural support for ACU’s Brisbane campus. These facilities have always focussed on ensuring ACU has the most current education facilities and involve extensive research, thorough user consultation and exhaustive options analysis.

The recently opened Saint John Paul II building is a landmark project for the Australian Catholic University (ACU). Designed by Conrad Gargett, it is a centrepiece on campus for postgraduate learning, professional education, research and industry engagement.

The building, designed in a cruciform plan, is open and inviting, where the public space of the campus extends through. The arced form embraces the Community Court to create an enclosure to set the heritage Holy Spirit Chapel as the focus and heart of the Court.

The reflection of the heritage building with the landmark tower in the façade heightens the community’s awareness of the heritage significance of the campus and the inherent spirituality of the site.

Conrad Gargett were also the architects behind ACU’s Leadership Centre at Cathedral Place in the Brisbane CBD.

Similarly, Conrad Gargett’s design excellence has been demonstrated in the success of the Goddard Rooftop Expansion Project at the recent Queensland Architecture Awards. Resting above the heritage listed Goddard Building in the core of the University of Queensland St Lucia campus, this new design is contemporary and a distinct addition to its setting.

Conrad Gargett has continuously evolved to remain at the forefront of architecture in Australia. They deliver projects Australia-wide and internationally, demonstrating world-class expertise across a diverse range of sectors including health, heritage, research, defence, education and commercial.