Iceland Volcano Museum – Honorable Mention

Iceland Museum Australian Architects

Conrad Gargett receives an Honorable Mention for their Iceland Volcano Museum design competition submission.

In December 2019 Conrad Gargett participated in an open international design competition hosted by Bee Breeders to design a Museum in Myvatn, Iceland.

From the Bee Breeders competition page;

“Bee Breeders is wrapping up its first country-based architecture competition series, with its third prospective site located in northern Iceland.  This international call for ideas tasked participants with proposing a design solution for a Volcano Museum near Hverfjall volcano in Iceland’s Dimmuborgir region.

The famed Hverfjall Volcano has a large, circular crater measuring roughly 140 meters deep and 1,000 meters wide, estimated to have been created 2500 years ago by a volcanic explosion.  The craters dimensions make it one of the largest on land in the world. Today, two walking paths permit visitor and trekker access to the rim of the crater – one from the northwest, and one from the south.

For the Iceland Volcano Museum competition, Bee Breeders sought submissions for a multi-purpose exhibition hall with café and informational space, as a landing point for visitors to the Hverfjall.”

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