Australian Healthcare Design 2000-2015 showcases Conrad Gargett Riddel

David Peters authored “Going the Extra Mile”, an extract from Australian Healthcare Design 2000-2015, published by the International Academy for Design and Health 2013.

Regional and remote health facilities are no longer simply smaller versions of their urban counterparts.  They form an almost symbiotic relationship with the local community and are a key element in the social and economic life of the region.  They need to be highly community focused, embrace technological developments such as telemedicine and be attractive to staff.

The same publication showcases Queensland Children’s Hospital “Tree of Life”, designed as a ‘living tree’ to both facilitate the patient journey and provide a ‘green’ environment of wellness and health for the patient, staff and visitors who use the facility.

Copies of the book can be ordered by completing the online order form from the Design & Health website.