David Gole returns from his conservation work in Myanmar

Conrad Gargett is pleased to have David Gole back in the Brisbane studio following his time in Myanmar working with the Yangon Heritage Trust.

Now that he is back in the full swing of office life, David reflects on his time in Myanmar and the opportunity it was.

“It was a great privilege for me to work in Yangon over the last 12 months supporting the Yangon Heritage Trust (YHT). In my role as Senior Heritage Architect I was involved in supporting the conservation and reuse of the mostly colonial era buildings in Yangon’s downtown conservation area. This included consulting on many of the major public buildings such as the secretariat building, the new law courts and the Yangon General Hospital. I hope to continue to support heritage conservation in Yangon through on going consultancy with the YHT as well as working on individual renovation and adaptive reuse projects.

Myanmar is at a unique moment in time – the heritage buildings from the colonial era are largely still intact (owing largely to the closing of the country and lack of development for 50 years under military rule) and there is now a great opportunity to make Yangon one of the best heritage cities in Asia.”