Conrad Gargett is certified carbon neutral

Conrad Gargett is committed to sustainable design and practices. We are proud of our ethical culture. We understand the social responsibility of architecture and the impact of the advice we give, the cities we shape and spaces we make. We recognise environmental protection as a high priority needing urgent action, and we are committed to integrating environmental considerations into all aspects of design, operational decisions and processes.

We are proud to announce that Conrad Gargett has achieved NOCo2 carbon neutral certification from the Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI).

Undergoing an independent carbon audit process has prompted us to review our current practices and identify how we can improve. In achieving this milestone, we are delighted to join a network of organisations with a shared commitment of doing better, treading more lightly on our planet and working towards the decarbonisation of all our activities. CRI’s NoCO2 Certification is a recognised rigorous standard, measuring the many facets of business operations including; waste streams, commuting and travel, purchasing and equipment, power consumption. These emissions are calculated and then offset by purchasing verified credits. We have chosen to offset our 2020 carbon emissions with renewable wind power credits from India. This is just one of the important steps Conrad Gargett is taking on this journey.

Our dedicated in-house Sustainability Committee is guiding our practice as we implement our sustainability agenda across all areas of our business and design operations. Through our Sustainability Action Plan, certification, pledges, ESG policies, R&D and reinvigorated project methodologies we are changing the way we practice architecture.

As part of our commitment as a signatory to the Australian Architects Declare Climate & Biodiversity Emergency, we are finalising our Sustainability Action Plan (SAP). It will empower our team, our clients and collaborators to enact change towards our shared goal to reduce our environmental impact as:

  • An actionable, company-wide strategy for developing business operational best practices and sustainable design best practices
  • A measurement framework with a continual focus on evaluation, adaptation, and improvement
  • A long-term planning tool to ensure ongoing alignment of values, goals, and practice
  • An information-sharing platform that enables communicating firm values to clients and peers


We look forward to sharing our progress as we work towards a more sustainable architectural practice and reduce our environmental impact.


Conrad Gargett team plants 500 trees at Bariya Nature Refuge to aid the revegetation of Obi Obi Creek, Maleny. October 2021.