Company Announcement 80 years ago: A. H. Conrad and T. B. F. Gargett

In May 1939, Architect Mr. A. H. Conrad announced that “he is taking into partnership [Architect] Mr. T. B. F. Gargett .. the name of the firm will, in future, be A. H. Conrad and T. B. F. Gargett.” At that time, the company operated from Commerce House, 125 Adelaide Street, Brisbane in Queensland. Formerly Atkinson & Conrad, the practice was founded by H. W. Atkinson in 1890 and has produced architecture of consistent quality since that time. The practice’s commemorative architectural manuscript Conrad Gargett 1890-2015 documents the substantial legacy of the practice and is illustrated by 560 photographs and original drawings from the practice archive of more than 10,000 projects. It is available at: