Brisbane’s Suburbs Reactivated by New Retail Experiences which Celebrate our Subtropical Lifestyle

Conrad Gargett’s Managing Director Lawrence Toaldo was proud to moderate a panel discussion on reactivating Brisbane’s urban spaces through the delivery of creatively crafted retail precincts, as part of Brisbane Open House’s After Dark event series.

Toaldo highlighted, “Brisbane’s retail climate has shifted dramatically in its development from a big country town to a new world city.”

“Many of the city’s best Architects are using retail to reactivate and rejuvenate our suburbs.”

“Most recently as the demography of the inner suburbs has changed, mirrored by planning initiatives of the Brisbane City Council, we have seen the reactivation of Brisbane’s inner suburbs with new retail experiences which are authentically Brisbane, and celebrate our subtropical lifestyle.”

Councillor Ryan Murphy of the Brisbane City Council, who is Deputy Chairman of the City Planning Committee, reinforced that Council continues to support Brisbane’s urban renewal by actively engaging residents in the planning of Brisbane’s future blueprint.

Conrad Gargett’s John Flynn, Cavill Architects’ Sandy Cavill and Myers Ellyett’s Bill Ellyett graciously contributed to the panel discussion, as they highlighted key factors for successful design, delivery and revitalisation of their retail projects, challenges they confronted, as well as solutions.

A reoccurring theme highlighted was the generous green public space that has been creatively integrated into the design of these well-landscaped retail precincts which deliver benefits to the surrounding communities.