Queensland Rail Station Design Manual selected as Best Design Awards Finalist!

Station Design Manual Team

Having worked with Queensland Rail previously we combined our existing station design experience with our communication design expertise making Conrad Gargett ideally placed to take on the redesign. The result is a unified Station Design Manual that is purpose built for reference and engagement by both new and experienced station designers and consultants.


Conrad Gargett Workshop


The Queensland Rail Station Design Manual is a strong example of the collaborative efforts from our inhouse multidisciplinary design team to produce meaningful communication design solutions for our clients.

The Station Design Manual is based on a flexible six column grid system to accommodate varied content over its 345 pages.


Queensland Rail Station Design Manual flexible grid animation


Project Lead: Amanda Kershaw

Design Lead: Chris Wardle

Project Team:

  • Susan Ellison
  • Rachel Wong
  • Ellie Chen
  • Angela Silanesu
  • Queensland Rail

Conrad Gargett is proud to have been selected as a Finalist for the Best Design Awards.


Station Design Manual

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