Congratulations to Laura and Harm on their election and re-election to the committee for the Australian Health Design Council

Laura Malloy and Harm Hollander

Conrad Gargett’s Harm Hollander and Laura Molloy are two of ten committee members of the Australian Health Design Council.

Harm has been re-elected as a 2020 committee member and is a Principal with Conrad Gargett and has a desire to advance improvements in the health care environment. A Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects, Harm has also mentored in Construction, Professional Studies and Design at various universities. He enjoys leading large projects from commencement to completion, working through over-arching aspects such as briefing, design and the delivery challenges.

Laura is a newly elected committee member and has experience in the health, education, workspace and civic sectors. Her passion, however, is contributing to the design of outstanding healthcare environments. Currently, Laura is part of the team designing the Victorian Heart Hospital – Australia’s first specialist cardiac hospital.

The full committee can be viewed here.

Further information on Conrad Gargett’s health expertise can be found here.