3rd Place International Ideas Competition | Mobile Museum for Mental Health

Congratulations to CGAMW Architect Nicholas Gonsalves who has placed third for his entry in this year’s ‘International Young Architects’ Ideas Awards Design Competition’ in Antalya, Turkey. The international competition was conducted by the Chamber of Architects of Turkey Antalya Branch under the auspices of the International Union of Architects (UIA).

The objective of the 2016 competition was to reflect on the concept of ‘speed’, globalisation, and its effect on our perception of space and time. The competition asked for designs for a ‘mobile museum for the disabled’ which would help members of society participate in social, cultural and everyday life.

Nick’s design for a mobile museum examined concept of speed in relation to modern technology and mental health. The design is a simple lightweight structure divided into a three-part journey through a sequence of three spaces;

  • The entry is a space for education. It includes the main display of the museum that aims to raise awareness and help people understand more about common mental health conditions.
  • The central courtyard is a sheltered space for quiet reflection. It is a retreat from the activity of public life and a space for visitors to pause and contemplate their own mental health and the mental health of loved ones.
  • The departure space is a space that inspires action. It includes the display of advice on how to deal with mental health issues and how to help others.

The design is a simple kit of parts, assembled from scaffolding for structure and canvas sheeting as cladding, allowing it to be easily reconfigured to suit public spaces of a various sizes and shapes, and flexibility to be clad in regionally available materials in different areas.

Nick presented his design for a Mobile Museum for Mental Health at the International Young Architects’ Meeting in Antalya to an international jury with ten other finalists. This is Nick’s second success in the annual competition, having claimed first prize in the 2013 for his design for an Emergency Shelter.

To read more about the award and to view Nick’s entry, visit the International Union of Architects website.