Conrad Gargett enhances community liveability through world-class transport and infrastructure design. From transit-oriented developments, transport hubs, interchanges and transit ways, ferry wharves, railway and bus stations, through to pedestrian walkways and car parks – we value the critical role each plays in framing community experiences.

We design through the eyes of those who move through our cities: daily commuters, tourists and local residents of varied age, ability and background. Our designs facilitate effortless transport experiences at all points of their journey, supporting the need for convenient, comfortable, affordable and reliable transport options.

We aim to enhance quality of life, health and well-being by improving accessibility to places of work and recreation, enhancing the walkability of urban environments and reducing dependence on private motor vehicles.

From a city-wide perspective, we foster the creation of interconnected, intermodal transport networks that streamline navigation, minimise congestion and activate multiple city precincts. We understand the need to consider the sustainability of each development’s entire life cycle and ensure our designs are robust, environmentally-conscious, cost efficient and flexible to meet changing needs.

Whether the brief calls for an iconic landmark or an understated supporting structure, we work closely with our clients to maximise the potential of each site, ensuring the design respects local contexts and elevates the community experience.