Conrad Gargett’s developments are quality places that people call home. Whether designing a residential tower, apartment complex, transit-oriented community, student housing, senior living, or living-in accommodation, we ground each housing design in the needs of people who will live there.

Our designs focus on enhancing quality of life, offering comfortable, functional and visually appealing housing options at a variety of price points. We understand the key details that create a sense of home: the ability to personalise a space; ease of movement; beautiful views, daylighting, greenery and airflow; and a sense of privacy balanced with connectedness to people and local amenities, engendering feelings of community and belonging.

We ensure each development satisfies practical requirements, including the achievement of business objectives, community integration, operational efficiencies, end-to-end sustainability, and design longevity. Through decades of experience, we have developed a deep understanding of the challenges associated with contemporary multiresidential design, such as space limitation, zoning restrictions, minimal greenery and landscaping options and growing concerns over urbanisation and congestion.

We build strong working relationships with developers, investors, residents and communities to inform creative solutions that meet diverse needs. By creating thoughtful, desirable homes that have strong market appeal, we are able to maximise value for developers, investors, residents and local communities.