Conrad Gargett is committed to advancing global healthcare through visionary design and architecture. For over 60 years, we have helped shape acclaimed restorative environments that nurture health and wellness.

Our evidence-based designs are grounded in continuous research and design thinking. We pursue a deep understanding of client contexts and aspirations, and empathise with the human needs of patients, families and healthcare professionals.

We consider how all elements of an environment work together to accommodate and enhance the diverse experiences of those who receive and provide care. Inspiring and productive environments, promoting the seamless delivery of state-of-the-art treatment. Therapeutic settings informed by biophilic design, interweaving nature to improve human healing. Sustainable structures, with built-in flexibility to evolve and adapt to the dynamic healthcare sector and emerging 21st century challenges.

Our comprehensive suite of services include all phases of development, from feasibility studies, master planning and brief definition, through to design and delivery of facilities. Partnering with both public and private institutions, we have delivered facilities ranging in scale and complexity for all areas of health, including community and residential aged care centres, medical research institutes, complex quaternary hospitals and integrated health districts. With courage and compassion, we continue to challenge our clients to re-imagine the future of healthcare provision.