Conrad Gargett is a national leader in the provision of architectural design for the armed forces. We have forged strong design partnerships with the Department of Defence, including the Army, Air Force and Navy, consistently delivering robust designs that support teams and reinforce key Defence values.

We work closely with Defence representatives to understand the complex needs of personnel, offering strategic and compassionate design responses. We understand the strong culture of “mateship” for which the Defence force is renowned, and reinforce teamwork through collaborative workplace design. We artfully balance open, networked structures with quiet, restorative places that provide sanctuary when needed.

Our world-class facility designs support professionalism and the highest levels of efficiency, with intuitive way-finding to enhance workflow and performance. We invest in ongoing research into the latest innovations in Defence facilities to support optimal training and service delivery. Sustainable design choices ensure that all facilities support current and future needs.

Our considerable portfolio includes a broad range of projects of varying scale, including workshops and shelters (for fixed wing and rotary aircraft, patrol boats and land vehicles, training facilities (including aircraft simulators and physical fitness centres), mess facilities and living-in accommodation.