Our Values

Conrad Gargett is an internationally recognised design studio that brings together the experience of more than 150 architects, interior architects, landscape architects and urban designers. Our history across architecture, interior, landscape architecture and the urban design disciplines spans more than 128 years. We have developed specialist teams with a strong reputation of delivering on our core purpose of creating meaningful places for people.

Our innovative and informed design approach engages with our client’s needs and aspirations while being guided by social responsibility. Research and collaboration are core to our methodology as we encourage and nurture curiosity and exploration. This process provides richness and rigour, breadth and depth, while giving equal value to the subjective and objective while also grounded in empirical evidence.

Our studios located in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Townsville, Newcastle and Addis Adaba are unified by our commitment to strategic design thinking methodology. This methodology is grounded through a series of principles:

Respect our Clients Aspirations

Our clients come to us with a unique set of desires and aspirations that become the start of our collaboration. We believe true value is produced by design that is co-created by the client and our team.

Understanding of the Social Responsibility of Architecture

Conrad Gargett is proud of our ethical culture. We understand that as professional service providers it is important the advice we give takes into consideration the communities that the advice affects.

Response to Place

Identity and Context inform how the building will respond to its surroundings.

Embracing Research and Education

Our specialist expertise is founded on critical research and continuous education. This knowledge is shared with clients and the community to enhance each projects design outcome.

Project Vision and Philosophy

With each project comes a core set of strategic design principles that are established to guide the project through to completion.

Process Driven

Our design process and response to our clients’ aspirations is the most important aspect of a client experience. We focus on process rather than outcome in order to create bespoke architecture that is focused on the client’s requirements.

Ethical Use of Natural Resources

Sustainability is viewed as a whole of life opportunity through the design process.

Embrace Adaptability

Our process includes an understanding that responding to change is part of the brief. Is the design flexible and adaptable?

Monitor Risk

Throughout the process we monitor and manage risks, safety and security that influence the design process.