The Conrad Gargett Architecture Scholarship is for high achieving students enrolled in the Master of Architecture program and conducting research in the areas of sustainability and/or technology. Award: $3,000

2020  —  Aliaksandr Merkulau
2019  —  Kirra Keating
2018  —  Jacob Hough

The Conrad Gargett Ken Woolley Prize recognises and honours the work of the late Ken Woolley, an esteemed alumnus of the University of Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning and Director of Anchor Mortlock Woolley prior to its merge with Conrad Gargett.  Established in 2016, and awarded for the first time in 2017, the prize aims to assist in the career development of a meritorious graduate entering the Master of Architecture. The award is determined on academic merit, portfolio and interview. Award: $3,000

2022  —  Lachlan Clegg
2021  — 
Selina Wang
2018  — 
George Stavropoulos
2017  —   Jessica Pickford

The purpose of the Scholarship is to encourage an Indigenous student to undertake the Bachelor of Architectural Studies undergraduate degree at UNSW Sydney. Award: $5,000

2018  —  Tod Furner Mcbeath

The Conrad Gargett Architectural Design Prize was established in 2007 and is maintained annually by a gift from Conrad Gargett. The prize is awarded automatically on merit using results obtained in the design courses in the first three years of the Bachelor of Architectural Design program. Award: $1,000 and an offer of professional experience with Conrad Gargett. Eligibility: Awarded annually to a student in the final year of the Bachelor of Architectural Design

2022  —   
Hal Chandler
2021  —   
Daniel Foote
2020  — 
Naomi Mackenzie, Aaron Barton & Courtney Albertini
2019  — 
  Kirsty Green
2018  —   Julia Zin
2017  —   Matthew Walton
2016  —   Genevieve Quinn and Emily Wyatt
2015  —   Lily Parsons
2014  —   Martin Said, Keith Starr and Claire Bazeley
2013  —   Owen Murphy
2012  —   Ken Snell
2011  —   Andrew Campbell
2010  —   Tamarind Taylor, Elliot Harvie
2009  —   Elizabeth Bennett, Kristin Hamer
2008  —   Gemma Baxter
2007  —   Sarah Chapman

The Conrad Gargett Public Architecture Prize was established in 2007 and is maintained by an annual gift from Conrad Gargett. The object of the prize is to enable a graduate to obtain special experience overseas and gain a greater understanding and knowledge of the role of public architecture in the formation of cities and communities. Award: $7,500 and 2 years membership to the Australian Institute of Architects. Eligibility: Awarded annually to a UQ final year Master of Architecture (coursework) graduating student.

2022  —  Esther Pearce & Emily Richter
2021  — 
Isabella Reynodls, Lily Parsons
2020  —  
Jeffrey Zheng, Siubhan Rudge
2019  —  
Lewis Orgar
2018  —  Claire Bazeley
2017  —  Callum Gordon
2016  —  Oliver Shearer
2015  —  Anh Ho
2014  —  Candice Chan
2013  —  Tamarind Taylor
2012  —  Natasha Chee
2011  —  Lara Nobel
2010  —  Michael Bailey
2009  —  Nicholas Flutter
2008  —  Zuzana Kovar
2007  —  William Ellyett